Why Access Pierce?

What is Accessibility and Why is it Important?

Accessibility whether online or in the physical environment is the degree in which something is made available to a potential user.

Making something available for use by all people whether it’s a ramp, parking spot, bathroom, website, video, or social function, is what accessibility is all about. If you have a disability, an injury, or are aging, you still have the right to use products and have experiences as anyone else.

The rehabilitation act of 1973 or, section 508, is what makes sure public property, businesses, and government buildings, have features such as: ramps, handicapped parking, railings,  and bathrooms. Government websites must also be accessible by use of keyboard or screen reader.

These are just some examples of accessible features. Non-profits are exempt from maintain some of these standards because it can be costly.

How can Access Pierce Help?

If you’re a non-profit, are hosting a public event, or simply need some assistance with anything related to accessibility, Access Pierce is your free place to advertise! Some skills you may want to look for here may include: coding, ASL interpretation, event staffing, tutoring, carpentry, and more.

If you have skills that you would like to volunteer, contact one of the posters!